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Some people are just dope, for example:
01. Passport Music (Intro)
02. Close Up (feat. Tom Foolery)
03. Computer Talk (Skit)
04. Girls Love Me (feat. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes)
05. Bangladesh Platinum Planes Freestyle
06. How You Feel (Drop) (feat. Muffy)
07. Hit That (feat. M.I.A)
08. Muffy – Gone Hate
09. Muffy – Muffy Talk (Skit)
10. Muffy – Diva Mix
11. Adidas
12. Who Dat? (feat. Big Fraze & Muffy)
13. Ike Turner (feat. Big Fraze, Tom Foolery & Muffy)
14. Muffy – Muffy Talk 2 (Skit)
15. Pleasure For Sale
16. Tom Foolery – Foolery Nigga
17. Respect Those
18. Close Up (Love Me Mix)


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So at 7 am yesteray morning my cousin runs in my room and tells me someone broke into my car. So i run outside its like 20 degrees, front passenger window smashed. I left my gps mounted and some oppurtunist came up. my imy comprehensive deductible is $1000!!  ANNOYED!

Finally: Brittany Street

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Dont mean to sound like a hop on but I love this chicks music and I have never seen her perform and we live in the same city! Crazy! anyway I finally get to see her tonightn604520869_1717476_5795

Magnet Kids Presents:Feng Shui

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Future of Mac?

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Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard



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